Fortnite announces 2021 season prizepool


Epic Games has finally announced what will be happening in 2021 in the esports realm for their most popular game Fortnite! Epic games for the 2021 FNCS have announced a new team format, prizepools, what the gameplay adjustments will be and broadcast plans!

Straight away we see Epic Games wants to keep supporting their esport division as they have raised the total prizepool for Fortnite in 2021 by 3 million up to 20 million dollars. The prizepool distribution will be between four seasons in the FNCS with each season having prizepools of around 3 million to play for. It will be separate amounts for each region with EU having a total prizepool of $1,350,00 with the following regions being;  NA East, $690,000, NAW being $300,000, Brazil having $300,000, Asia $150,000, ME $120,000 and OCE $90,000. Now you may be asking this does not equal $20 million dollars, wheres the other 8 ?? Fortnite will be doing a GLOBAL tournament with top teams from each region competing in a FINALS OF FINALS with the additional $8 Million dollars. START PRACTICING !

Which will allow players to compete on all platforms against one another. Along with the prize increase they had some tournament format changes that look to bring more consistent outcomes and teams. First off they look to allow teams to compete with one another across all platforms as the tournaments will be single cross platform playerpools. Secondly what they have added is that teams competing in qualifiers that now make Semi Finals in one week will be roster locked and will not be allowed to compete in further qualifiers. This allows for more teams to get chances to qualify and make sure teams aren’t constantly swapping out players allowing teams to grow and learn together. If a team makes the FNCS finals that team will be ‘required’ to remain together in order to compete for that large prize pool!  Dont you worry console gamers, there will be CONSOLE exclusive tournaments coming in 2021 as well!

In other news Fortnite looks to bring in much more marketing capability across the globe with live broadcasts being done in multiple regions and languages. They look to add French, Spanish and German outlets for the EU qualifiers and tournaments to have some more diversity and allow the possibility of viewership numbers to grow. This is a good sign for players and organizations that want to get involved within the Fortnite esport ecosystem as it can allow players following to grow as well as much more visibility for organizations that have players representing them in any region! 

There has been some heavy criticism across Fortnite pros as they will not have as many cash cups to play for during 2021. Looks like players need to stand out in FNCS performances and show everyone what they are worth!

Let us know what you think of the changes? Will you be competing this year?

For more information on the news, checkout Epic Games Press Release