Is North American CSGO dead?


There have been talks about this looming since June and even before with covid taking an impact with local and global LAN(local area network) events and the uncertainty of funds and support for the mid-tier/pro tier level of CSGO now with riots new game Valorant it looked very grim for NA region of CSGO. 

Tarik, a popular North American CSGO professional currently playing on Evil Geniuses had a concerning tweet.

As Valorant “jetted” into the scene in early June there was a lot of hype, not just the big-time steamers promoting it, but Riot backing it. It was a refresher for the Competitive FPS scene, something new, different, it had a different approach.

With the lack of support in recent seasons in the North American region of CSGO semi-pro level, was it justified for players to transfer over? There was more promise in trying to make it to the big leagues in the new game Valorant. But there was hope! ESEA(back by ESL its path to the pro league) had announced the distribution of teams between two groups for ESEA Premier Season 36 starting January 18th, 2021. 

With some reassurance and incentives for players to not only get exposure but bigger prize winnings and the glory of making it to the pro league.

Premier teams will earn invites to the closed qualifier for DreamHack Open events which will give teams more opportunities to earn spots while also increasing the incentives to take the league seriously. The increase in the prize pool sees a $100,000 split between North America and Europe with ESEA planning on spreading the prize pool between the top eight teams in each division. This will significantly help the ecosystem of North America CSGO to have a thriving environment for competition and for organizations to feel more comfortable to invest in. 

2021 looks promising for NA CSGO and slowly resurges once again. 

The first matches of the new revamp CSGO premier division will start- Wednesday, January 20, 2021!