Oceanus Gaming wins LAN ETS 2020 CS:GO Championships


Oceanus has won LAN ETS 2020 after defeating fellow MDL squad LiViD in the grand finals.

OCG came out strong and showed pure dominance in the group stages, playing 106 rounds and losing an overall of 26 rounds in 5 matches, putting teams away fairly quickly. Oceanus Gaming did not have their full roster as WOLFY was not able to attend. This allowed OceanusGG to call in Effy’s who was a ex Livid player and has played at a high level in CSGO previous seasons. With him coming in, it was uncertain how the team would do as it was a fairly last minute addition, but the boys seemed to steam roll ahead anyway. 

The team had a good showing on the first day and advanced smoothly into the playoff rounds.

They had a quick scare just edging Original esports academy 16-13. In the next round they lost to our fellow friends from Montreal Livid in the winners bracket round 2. It was close and the game was fairly tight, Livid won 16-9 but the game seemed to be played fairly sloppy on both teams sides. 

Oceanus Gaming took some time to reset waiting on their losers bracket round. They seemed much more compused going into the next game and showed pure titan dominance, fashionably beating DURHAM LORD ESPORTS 16-4. After the tsunami picked up enough momentum OceanusGg got rid of their next opponent swiftly 16-5 and winning their bo3 series 2-0. 

It was almost certain from the start LiViD and Oceanus Gaming would be the teams in the finals as they are the two strongest rosters in Canadian CSGO. With OCG not having their full roster and sub “effys” it would be a very tough task but Oceanus gaming dug deep and looked to battle Livid in these finals. On the big stage it seems OceanusGG doesn’t seem to crumble, with the likes of Tenski having some big plays and rounds leading the team to win 16-8 and 16-8 on Train and Vertigo. With that being said our Oceanus CSGO Titans were the champions of LAN ETS 2020 !