The Canadian Rainbow Six Siege League is no more


Ubisoft has officially announced that the Canadian division for esports will no longer be. They have announced that Canada will be joining back together with the United States of America to recreate the North American League as well as the North American Challengers League.

The Canadian division did not even last more than a year before they decided to squash that idea and merge the two together. Talking briefly about the Canadian division, it definitely did not receive the viewership numbers that many of the other regions had received but this was due to multiple reasons. Many of the games were not casted but vod casted meaning you would have to watch back a video to see the game, thus the games not being watched lived kind of took away that fan involvement.

Now we wanna talk why this may be a negative and or positive thing for both the Canadian teams as well as the American teams.

Positives and negatives

The positives to take away by unifying the two leagues can be seen from multiple views, by players, organizations and even sponsors.

First off, for players it can be seen as a positive or negative thing depending on the players as well as what they want to achieve in their RainbowSix Siege careers.  The positive would be much better practice and constantly playing against the best amateur/pro players week in and week out. This will allow for players to grow, as when the leagues were divided not all teams in both Challengers league divisions may have been the ‘strongest or best of the best’ with the unification of the leagues it will now have full rosters of mixed teams competing to show who will be the best. Negatives for some individual players may be that the league may become tougher in multiple aspects. What we mean by this is that there will be much more teams competing within these leagues thus making promotion or avoiding relegation much more difficult as to be prepared for a larger number of teams is not always an easy task.

Secondly we look to esport organizations and this can be both a negative or a positive dependent on the organization. The positives for organizations is the marketing value they may obtain from the merger of the two leagues. On the challengers league side of things this will definitely give much more viewership as the Canadian division was lacking, due to not much live broadcasting and region possibly being a little weaker as a whole. On top of this Canadian organizations and teams can possibly make adaptations within their roster as there is no limit on the number of players needed from a certain region, thus giving organizations more freedom and flexibility with their rosters. On the pro side of the merge this is a GREAT positive for Canadian teams as they will now be competing with the best of the best in North America thus giving their brands exposure to one of the top leagues in the world. The negatives that may occur from this is the brand identity of some of these Canadian organizations, rosters may be changed in order to ‘become stronger’ thus leaving Canadian players out of the picture and marketing strategies to attract Canadian brands possibly having doors closed.

In conclusion I believe the merger brings more benefit than it does negatively impact the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene. The merge of the two regions allows for much more combinations of talent on a team which we see in other top esport games. It offers much higher marketing numbers as it is showcasing the best upcoming teams in North America. Lastly, the players and teams will be getting the best of the best practice week in week out through lots of league games and multiple amounts of scrim partners. I think Ubisoft made a good judgement call on combining the two regions making one powerhouse region.

Looking forward to see how it unfolds come March 2021!