What’s in store for NA CS:GO and 2021


With the global pandemic shutting down the majority of events globally the competitive scene was heading down a spiral! specifically in North America

One of the most significant changes that were observed during this period was a decline in competitive CS:GO in the North American region. One solution that they have done was to travel to Europe. 

Traveling to Europe will allow the North American teams to compete versus the best in the World, as this eliminated the regional events.

On the other hand, multiple esports organizations from the NA region step away from the game. 100theifes/gen.g/Chaos esports club all quit the game the saturated and overvalue of salaries was not worth the ROI.

So what is in store for NA 2021 CS:GO?

Well first off ESL is trying to help the tier 2 teams(semi-pro teams) Directly they are focusing more on the North American CS:GO region as it seems it got hit the most. That being said ESEA has announced a massive update to their league system, with the division formerly known as MDL and now known as Premier.

Prize pools increased significantly and real estate to get in the pro league are more open quite appetizing, isn’t it?

As well as a new tool the ESEA implemented “REFRAG” ESEA Refrag is a suite of custom in-game Counter-Strike Global Offensive mods including Restart, Prefire, and NADR that assists players of all skill levels to improve, prepare, and analyze your game on a whole new level

The goal of these tools is to elevate your game and knowledge of CS:GO while also making it easy, fun, and informative for learning new tricks – both alone or with friends and teammates.

As this is a general and global tool I think this helps the integrity of the game and competition in which will promote a more competitive atmosphere in which will have better matches thus better stream numbers. 

At the end of the day, the t3/t2 semi-pro level is where it starts a proper foundation and support pillar that makes any game thrive and scale.