Why you should, or shouldn’t play Human in Warcraft 3: Reforged

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Human is a versatile and well-rounded race where the skill-cap is endless. Normally, when playing Human, you play a passive playstyle and try to creep your hero up to level 3 as humans have some of the best creeping capabilities in the game. With the Archmage water elemental and militia in the early game, you have endless possibilities to what you can creep around the map. whether it’s a gold mine for a fast expansion, a mercenary camp to purchase some extra quick units or some smaller green/yellow camps for some tomes or permanent items.

Human is strong when it comes to fast expanding in the early game. You can turtle well and hold most timing push strategies by placing a few towers at your expansion and main base.

Although most humans play this style, you can also play very aggressively. Lots of professional players like TH000 were known in the past for executing timing attacks by pulling militia and building towers behind the attack to keep that constant pressure. Also, players like Sok are known for playing one base strategies with riflemen/casters and hitting timing attacks that catch their opponents off guard.

One of the cons for Human is that they are vulnerable in the early game when it comes to harassment. They usually struggle against creep jacks and early game harassment against the Archmage, which depending on how much damage gets done by the enemy it can determine the outcome of the game from the first 6 minutes into the match.

Another con is that you are forced to play Archmage almost every game because of the brilliance aura. Not having the aura late game for your Sorcerers and Priests is a pretty big deal. You will find that they run out of mana instantly without it and take a very long time to regenerate that mana back. That being said, almost 95% of the time you will see a Human start with Archmage leaving most Human players pretty predictable to the strategies they will do.

Pros: Well rounded, Great early game creeping, Can play one base or fast expansion depending on the map, Good army composition for late-game / hard to kill, Good race for turtle/defensive playstyles.

Cons: Vulnerable to early-game harassment, forced to play Archmage most games, vulnerable to timing attacks, forced to block your base with buildings against most races, vulnerable to creepjacks as Human doesn’t have burst attacks to last hit the creeps.