Why you should, or shouldn’t play Orc in Warcraft 3: Reforged

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Orcs are known as an aggressive race with heavily armored units. They are arguably the easiest race to learn and understand if you are new to the Warcraft 3 universe. But they are hard to master and the skillcap is endless. Orc is a race that puts consistent aggressive pressure with its heroes. Whether it’s creep jacking with the Blademaster or using Farseer with wolves to harass the enemy while upgrading a fast tech to tier two.

Normally, you don’t see Orc play for fast expansion games due to their aggressive play style. With grunts costing 200 gold, it’s hard to get enough gold for an expansion in the early game without falling behind in other areas.

For a long time, Orcs were very predictable. You would be forced to play a specific army composition against every race. Usually players would make Blademaster, Grunts, Raiders, and Spirit Walkers. But in recent years, Orc players have been experimenting with new army compositions. It has made Orc less predictable and more entertaining to play and watch. The Canadian player KiWiKaKi is known for his innovative gameplay. He is consistently experimenting with new army compositions, surprising and not making it easy for his opponents to counter his strategies.

Pros: Strong early game, Good creepjacking potential, Strong heroes, Strong Blademaster scaling with items, Versatile army compositions, Good engage/disengage with speed scroll, Can fast tech without being punished, easiest race to start playing.

Cons: Vulnerable to burrow harassment until armor upgrade, Unable to play fast expand builds, forced to play an aggressive style or you’ll fall behind, relies heavily on the orc shop early game to buy salves/clarities and speed scrolls to stay active on the map.